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Treasure On-Land

Follow the follies and mishaps of Smarmy Bart the Pirate as he navigates life in Edinburgh while he anxiously awaits the Merchiston Publishing release of Treasure Island the play!

Smarmy Bart Gets a Feathered Friend

Also, thanks to Dofos Pet Centre in Edinburgh! (dofos.co.uk)

Smarmy Bart Gets a Tattoo

Also, thanks to Tribal Body Art in Edinburgh!

Smarmy Bart Goes to Cramond Island

Smarmy Bart Eats his Lunch



1. Video Update « Treasure Island - February 22, 2012

[…] Treasure On-Land […]

2. Video Mayhem!! « Treasure Island - March 14, 2012

[…] Treasure On-Land […]

3. Treasure Island and Lilith Update « Publishing by Degrees - March 14, 2012

[…] Smarmy Bart, Merchiston Publishing’s own buccaneer, has been causing mischief around Edinburgh as he awaits the release of Treasure Island the play-script.  Take a peek at our newest video below, you will also find him in our Treasure On-Land series site! […]

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