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About the project

This June get ready to set sail with the publication of Treasure Island as a play written for Primary School level Drama!

Playwright Lynn Brittney brings Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story to life in your classroom or drama group. The Merchiston Publishing edition will be illustrated by the pupils of Edinburgh Primary Schools and will also contain excerpts from Stevenson’s original text to engage young swashbucklers with this fantastic story.

Discover other Merchiston Publishing projects, such as George MacDonald’s Lilith, at www.merchistonpublishing.com.

About the play

Jim Hawkin’s life flips upside down when a mysterious sea captain hires him to look out for a one-legged sailor. Soon, several bloodthirsty buccaneers burst in from the captain’s past. Jim finds himself entangled in the treacherous journey to Skeleton Island, the mystery of Captain Flint’s buried treasure and a battle with Long John Silver and his mutinous gang of pirates.

Bring Stevenson’s masterpiece to life in your classroom with Lynn Brittney’s marvellous play adaptation.

You can find our Advanced Information sheet here to view and download: Treasure Island Advanced Information



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