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Brand New Guest to Treasure Island: A Play Launch May 16, 2012

Posted by rosiehowie in Hello.

Shock announcement!  News of our upcoming book launch of Treasure Island: A Play has apparently reached the shores of the South American coastline, and the attention of Captain Long John Silfur, the famous and renowned pirate bear.  Apparently Long John Silfur will be making a top-secret special appearance at the event held at the Grand Turmeau Hall, Craighouse Campus, Edinburgh Napier University on Friday June 8 2012, open to all participants in the children’s artwork competition along with special guests.  Long John Silfur has been on the most wanted list for a number of years, wanted by the law for a number of serious crimes such as gold jewellery stealing, parrot kidnap, and illegal gummy-bear smuggling.  He has also been implicated in the robbery of a number of cake-shops from up and down the country, particularly known and feared for his love of fudge-cake.

Guests at the event will have the opportunity to meet with Captain Long John Silfur.  And one lucky person will even have the chance to take him home with them as one of our exciting prizes in a brand new competition to be announced exclusively at the event!  If they dare…

Long John Silfur was kindly donated to us by Hallmark, and design and costume was supplied by Lorna Jamie from Troon, Scotland.



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